A Few Good Meals (part 2)


Bi Bim Bap, Seoul, South Korea

A classic dish of South Korea—rice, fresh vegetables, and meat, slathered with hot sauce, topped with a runny egg, and cooked in a hot stone pot right in front of your eyes. This particular one came from a hole in the wall place where you had to eat at low tables while sitting on the ground.  It possibly was the best bi bim bap I’ve ever had.


Pizza, Naples, Italy

I’m a Chicago girl, so it’s hard for me to admit that ANYWHERE does pizza as good as my hometown. However, I can begrudgingly admit that Naples might do a decent job, considering the city is the birthplace of pizza. Here is the ultimate pizza, in its complete perfection.


Spatzle, Berlin, Germany

A heart attack dish. Egg noodles, with onions, cheese, and ham, all washed down with a great hefeweizen. Why yes, I immediately went home and went to sleep after this meal.


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