A Few Good Meals (part 3)


Pad Thai, Bankgok, Thailand

This meal of stir fried noodles is the classic dish of Thailand but you can easily find it in America. It tastes so much better in Thailand though. I sampled it a number of times at a number of places, and I think the fish sauce and sugar ratios are slightly different, leaving it with a sweet-and-savory harmony.


Manti, Istanbul, Turkey

Manti is a dish of Turkish dumplings that are filled with chickpeas and lamb and covered in yogurt, crushed red peppers, and garlic.  Way better than doner kebab, and harder to find outside of Turkey, much to my chagrin.



Sunday Roast, Cornwall, England

When I was living in England, one of the highlights would be a home-cooked Sunday roast. Whoever said British food was bad had never had one of these! Meat, vegetables, potatoes, Yorkshire pudding and gravy combine to make one of the most delicious and caloric ways of celebrating Sunday.


Bread and Cheese, Paris, France

Baguette and any kind of smelly cheese.  Need I say more? Oh, and a bottle of no-name fantastic wine to wash it down




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