Surprises in China: A Photo Essay

The natural beauty is unparalleled

We’ve all seen pictures of natural, wild China, but this isn’t far from the Three Gorges Dam, one of the largest industrial projects in the world. Still gorgeous!

 IMG_1429 IMG_1463

Chinese Muslims have a presence even outside of Xijiang

In Xi’an, the terracotta soldiers aren’t the only attraction (although they are spectacular). The Muslim quarter is atmospheric and historic, and well worth a look. Here’s a Chinese-style Mosque. Quite different than the Middle East!

IMG_1562 IMG_1569 

Chinese food in the US is very different from Chinese food in China

I’m still not sure what I was eating but I am sure it was good!

IMG_1545 IMG_1546 IMG_1547 IMG_1548

The Communist Party isn’t entirely made up of men in suits.

This is Michelle, she’s a rising star in the Communist party. She’s also a tour guide, lived in California, and has great taste in music.


Chinese people are (allegedly) still big fans of Mao

Pictures of Mao are everywhere. People in China still believe that Mao was “80% right” in the things that he did. You can even visit his embalmed body!


The summers are either very rainy or very hot

Here is a picture of me getting rained on in Tiananmen Square, and also a picture of me sweating up a storm in old Shanghai.


The Great Wall is a difficult hike

I’m resting against the wall after a difficult hike up. Immediately after taking this picture, I fell and scraped my knee. Note to self: flip flops were probably a bad idea.


Shanghai is straight out of Blade Runner

Look at that. Seriously, don’t you expect to see Harrison Ford around some corner?

IMG_1302 IMG_1310 IMG_1314 IMG_1324

There are so many people it’s hard to get a good picture!

The Forbidden City isn’t exactly forbidden anymore.



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