Sunday List: Top 5 Places on my to-go list


  1. Rio de Janeiro: This Brazilian city is number one my list because the upcoming World Cup and Olympic games have catapulted the city into my imagination. Pictures of the city make it look so beautiful, with green hills against blue skies and water. I’d love to spend a day on the beaches, or listening to samba while drinking a caipirinha. Soon, I hope!
  2. Cape Town: Another city by the ocean. I’d love to explore the city’s scenic mountains and beaches, and play with its penguins.  I’m also interested in exploring the nearby vineyards and going on a wine tasting tour.
  3. Argentina: Buenos Aires is a main draw to me. The sexy Euro-Latin combination makes it a dream location to explore. It’s the former home of Evita and as well as the place to learn tango. Also on my list is Mendoza, the center for wine production in
  4. Tanzania: Tanzania is known for its safaris. Both the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater are spectacular places to see the Big Five in action. Mount Kilimanjaro is a technically easy climb for people looking for adventure, and the mix of Arab and African culture in historic Zanzibar makes for a cultural odyssey.
  5. Japan: Exploring the vibrant neighborhoods of modern Tokyo and the historic temples of Kyoto is high on my to-do list.  One of my favorite authors is Japanese and I’d love to see the country he writes about. And of course, the sushi, ramen and sake would is a draw in itself.

Runners – Up

Bali: The beaches along the coast and the culture in Ubud. I’m excited to see the combination of cultures

Penang: The food! Malay, Chinese, Indian, all with a unique flavor.




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