Top Five European Party Destinations

Berlin: Berlin is famous for all-night warehouse parties in Kreutzberg, underground bars hidden around the city, and top dance music at clubs like the Berghain. If you want it, they’ve got it. Party all night with artists, musicians, and the fabulous freaks that call Berlin home.

Istanbul: Istanbul’s spot on this list might surprise people who haven’t been to the country, but don’t be fooled by the fact that most Turks are Muslims. Turkey might be a Muslim country, but a very secular one, and the countless bars on the cobblestone streets of Taksim show that Istanbul residents love to party. Taksim is the place to go for nightlife in Istanbul, with trendy cocktail bars, dark hookah lounges, Greek wine houses, and late-night clubs at every corner.


London: Of course, my former home gets a spot on this list. Shoreditch and Dalston’s nightlife errs on the hipster side, while Soho and Chelsea are more upscale and posh. If you like rock music, Camden is your scene. In a city of 8 million people, you’ll find something to love.


photo: Camden Pub Crawl
photo: Camden Pub Crawl

Dublin: Beer, beer, beer. Temple Bar is ground zero for pubs, but authentic places to drink Guinness are scattered all around the city. Make sure you listen to some music while you drink, and follow it up with a full Irish breakfast the next morning.


Amsterdam: The city where anything goes. Famous for its lax drug and prostitution laws, you can still have (relatively) tame fun. In Amsterdam, beer is cheaper than water, and the Heineken factory is just down the street.

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