What to Expect When You’re Expecting a Peace Corps Assignment

I’m on my way! After a painfully long application system, a seemingly eternal wait for my invitation, and a painstaking medical clearance process, I’m leaving on Tuesday for my service in Swaziland. It’s surreal that I’m at this point and I’m almost ready to go. Of course, I’m nervous and I’m sad to leave people behind. But I’m also excited too! Here’s what to expect from me over the next month or so:

-I will not have internet access for the first month. That means no Facebook, no blog posts, no Instagram. I will be able to write letters, however, and I hope you’ll write me! My address until I receive my permanent site assignment is:

Lily Seglin
U.S. Peace Corps P. O. Box 2797
Mbabane H100, Swaziland AFRICA

Write me please! I will write you back! I promise. As soon as I am able, I will update my blog to let you know what I’m up to! I plan on keeping my Instagram updated while I’m gone so you can see pictures of Swaziland.

-On the 23rd, I fly to Philadelphia where I meet up with the rest of my group departing for Swaziland. I leave the country on the 24th and arrive on the 25th. Once I arrive, I will be in a dorm for the first few days (including my birthday!). Then I will move to a homestay with a family for about three months of training.

-Training will be six hours a day, six days a week. I’ll be learning how to speak SiSwati (a click-based language), learning about safety and security policies, job training, cultural training…it’s going to be a busy few months! Pending a successful training period, at the end of August, I’ll (hopefully) be swearing in as a Peace Corps volunteer.

I’m looking forward to keeping this blog up-to-date on my adventures! If you’d like to learn a bit more about the place I’m about to call home, I highly recommend The Killers of Swaziland for a fascinating story about Swaziland’s culture and its struggle against HIV. As they say in SiSwati, Sala kahle!

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